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Todays's small office / home office (SOHO) networking
products are made so that anyone can plug one in and
get a simple network up and running. Along with this
ease of use comes a large gap in information security,
particularly with wireless networking products, but for the
average home user this does not pose a problem.

Making sure no one can access your data or use your
shared Internet service without your knowledge or consent
is your responsibility. If someone uses your Internet services to perform illegal activities you may be held accountable. We can set you up with the right tools to keep your networking and your business safe.

Business IT

We offer networking services for home and
business. Whether you need a simple network
for your home to share printers and Internet
access or a robust, fault-tolerant and secure
setup for your business, we can help.

Computer SOS, in a continuing effort to meet
the ever-changing needs of our customers, is
proud to announce a new service. Rest assured
knowing that your server is being monitored
for any malfunctions or abnormalities.


Services Include:
• System Monitoring and Reporting
• Hardware Pre-fail Notification
• Response via phone or remote
• Hard Drive, CPU & Memory Monitoring
• Event Log Monitoring
• Expert Advice and Direction

Monthly Server Monitoring $69/month
Monitoring service does not include on-site
or remote repairs.


We're located at the corner of

Cleveland Dr. & Cayuga Rd.

1505 Cleveland Drive

Buffalo, New York 14225

(716) 635-0086


Toll Free: (866) 306-2767



Network Setup & Support Services
• Hubs & Switches
• Router Configuration
• Network Cabling
• Wall Jacks / Panels
• Network Security Testing
• Firewalls
• Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
• Virtual Private Networking (VPN)


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